Telling the truth makes you stronger and it gives you a clean conscience before God and man.Young ones are likened to soldiers today because you are at war and the war is not against humans but against the dark forces that drags you and others to tell a lie all the time.

Parents feel proud and happy when you tell the the truth even when it is hard , that’s because you care about their feelings so you try as much as you can to say the truth always. Young fearne shared her experience and she said ” my mum makes it hard for me to speak truth all the time because she becomes very harsh and defensive when something happens so in order for me to get out of that difficult where i get scolded and insulted , i tell a lie.

Most of you are going through the same thing that fearne is going through but you don’t have to always give in . Fearne finally realised her mistake and decided to change and she later said ” i thought of my actions for a long time and realised i wasn’t happy anytime i told a lie and also it wasn’t easy for me to keep up with one lie after another so i changed and started telling the truth even though it doesn’t make me happy at that point but later it paye’s off and everyone around me is happy ” .

Telling the truth is your sword to fight and make your loved ones proud of you and also believes you’re trustworthy no matter what.Whenever you give actual facts about even the smallest things , people will always want to listen to you because they can trust your words and judgement , but if you lie always no one will want to listen to you and even if they do , they’ll always go back to do a background check concerning what you’ve said.


Here are simply reasons that will make you see why you should always speak the truth at all times;

* Telling the truth empowers people around you to change and grow .
* It brings you peace of mind.
* It is a sign of love : in the sense that you won’t want to see your loved ones getting hurt by your lies so in order to make them happy , you tell the truth.
* Telling the truth earns you respect from all kinds of people.
*It also creates deeper connection with the people you talk to.

Truth is power. Try as much as you can to be honest no matter what because your conscience will always be clean and you wont have sleepless nights thinking of the next lie to tell to cover up the first lie , also remember the ones you love when in a difficult situation and think about what they would want you to do and that point .

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