Yellow house emerges winner at St. Graags Sport day

It was sport day at St. Graags College, an opportunity to get out of the routine class room activities in other to get the body fit and for mind sharpening.

The sport day took place at the Oshodi local government community sports Centre popularly known as “Jalisco”, an outdoor experience that was exhilarating and equally rewarding with just the right touch of competitiveness in the mix.

The students were grouped into houses named by colours.  The houses were Red, Yellow, Green and White. Each house had student representatives for each  game.

sport day at St. Graags College

The activities were grouped into the track and the field events. The track event featured 100 meter, 200m, 400m, and relay races  with each of the houses cheering their team mates to the finish line whilst they  competed to win each  race.

sport day at St. Graags College

The field event was a football match between the Junior and Senior school. A display of leg skills and control of the ball, with the ability to score goals saw a myriad of emotions come to fore as the students  watched with keen attention and the winning side celebrated their team with so much jubilation.

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At the end of the sports day, after so much energy expended, cheers, tears  and joy, though a stiff competition and in the spirit of camaraderie the results were announced. 

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Yellow house emerged first (1st) and overall winner with a total of seventy (70)  points, Red house following behind in second (2nd) place with a very close margin having a total of sixty nine (69) points, White house came third (3rd) place with a total of sixty three (63) points, while the last but not in any way the least was green house, in fourth place with a total of fifty eight points (58) points.

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