BlossomHill Students visit whispering palms, slave Museum, others to Learn, Relax, Unwind and Reset


To mark the end of a very busy term BlossomHill students visited whispering palms, slave Museum to relax, unwind and reset.

The journey was a long but rewarding one as the student entourage headed for Badagry with the first stop at Whispering Palms resort centre.

At whispering Palms, the students went site-seeing, they saw some animals such as tortoise, orangutan, monkey and donkey and the beautiful scenery.

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They went for a boat cruising sailing across the river just overlooking the resort.  To cap the fun at the resort, the students went swimming and splashing in swimming pool at the resort.

The day at whispering palms turned out to be just a tip of the iceberg as the night turned out better. The students were lodged in a very nice guest house for the night, with a separate girls suite and boys suite. With the boys settled in for the night to watch Barcelona Vs Manchester United game, after which they played various games, the girls also had a fantastic time.

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The next morning bright and early, the students had their devotion and breakfast after which they got ready for another day of exploration.

Day two was a time travel down history as they visited the slave museum, where a tour guide told them the history of slave trade in Nigeria. The students were shown items used by slave masters and the cell where slaves where kept before they were shipped abroad by their new owners.

The students saw the first storey building in Nigeria; afterwards they headed towards the slave port, where they were shown the path slave masters led the slaves through while transporting them from Nigeria to unknown destination abroad.

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The students boarded a ferry to take them to the slavepath leading to the point of no return. Along the slave path, the tour guide showed them the well that was charmed with voodoo by the leaders, in order to prevent the people from struggling and make them have temporary memory loss when they drank the water, hence aiding their capture to foreign lands.

 The tour guide told the students that the leaders sold their people to the slave masters in exchange for a bottle of Schnapps drink, umbrella, mirror etc. the tour guide also explained the ordeal a slave goes through. Finally the students got to the sea -also called the point of no return, where large boats where used to convey the slaves to unknown destinations.

The sea, no longer a place of woe and captivity rather a calming and captivating place of fun and relaxation, now is a tourist attraction. The tall coconut tree gracing the beach and enthralling gigantic waves slapping the shore was to inviting to resist as students got close to the water, they ended their tour enjoying the beach, playing games and swimming within safe limits.

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