Summer Break : The need for skill acquisition


Skill, the ability to carry out a task with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.

Anita is a fourteen year old who has just graduated from junior secondary school, full of excitement she looks forward to the long break after the whole mental and physical stress from the past examinations. But after two full weeks at home she knows she cannot spend the whole break at home and know she is stuck between two decisions – to enroll in the summer class or learn a skill?

Just like Anita, lots of teens are stuck between this decision and do not know if to go for summer classes or learn a skill. Most of them decide to go for classes because their friends will be attending and it is an opportunity to show off and not because they need the classes.

In our society today, the need to have and acquire skills has grown now people don’t rely on the knowledge they gain from school but also learn skills which can be used as a means of income. It is very important for parents and schools to preach the need for having a skill. This skill can either be technical or in the arts.

Parents need to start encouraging their children to acquire skills especially when they have an interest in that field. Not only parents but teachers also have the responsibility of building and shaping these inherent gifts.

An example is John who right from his days in primary school has loved sewing. He grew up loving the Home Economics class and even when he was the only boy in his class to join the food and nutrition class he stayed. But back at home he had issues with his dad who preferred that he was with the guys boxing or on the football team thanks to the encouragement from a teacher he pursed his dream of being a fashion stylist and now he a celebrated designer.

Now if John was not encouraged he would have abandoned his passion and went into something else which he will not be good at and have zero interest in. This is why it is necessary for parents to support their children when they show interest in a skill.

Even if they show no interest in any skill, as a parent, you can suggest it to your child from the child’s likes and interest. A child that generally loves electronics and gadgets should be encouraged to learn electrical engineering and so forth.

It is better that the child gains a skill not at the young age that will be used in the future than to just spend the time showing off and not adding any form of quality value.

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