St. Graags college rewards hard work

It was another time to reward diligence and hard work at St. Graags College as students and teachers gathered to see the outstanding students from the last term examination. It is a regular custom of the school to reward students termly for their hard work while motivating others to do better.

The awards categories ranges from the neatest students in both the junior and senior school, most punctual, best students in each subjects, best students in each classes and climax with the ultimate awards which is for the best three students in the school.

Speaking to Prestige Nigeria Education Blog (PNEB), the principal and proprietor of the school, Mr. Obiola said rewarding students termly helped the school to substance continuous improvement in the students rather than waiting till the end of the session.

Mr. Bassey, the coordinator of the termly awards, added that the termly award presentation had made the students to improve at a geometric progression and had also created healthy competition among the students.

While announcing the winners, Bassey stated that for the first time a student from the senior school breaks into the overall top three award category which has for a while been dominated by the junior school.

For the overall top three awards, an SS3 student Omoboriowo Isaiah emerged as the overall best student in St. Graags College, Nbanu Amazing Grace was the overall second (2nd) best while MustaphaYubaidat was the third (3rd) overall best student.

Isaiah told PNEB that it was not his first time of coming out top stating that is secret is self determination. According to him, he knows what he wants and works towards it. He advised his junior not to be lack him but rather be better than him.

Amazing Grace who claimed to be grounded in all subject told PNEB that her favourite is English Language. According to her, she always read at home and her mother is the major influence in her life.

When asked about their future ambition, Omoboriowo Isaiah wants to become a production Engineer while Nbanu Amazing Grace  wants to be a lawyer while Mustapha Yubaidat wants to be a Medical Doctor.

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