Sound Sultan Kick Starts His ‘Think OutsideThe Box’ Secondary School Tour

Sound Sultan Secondary School Tour

Sound sultan school tour- new nigeria times 1aOlanrewaju Fasasi popularly known as Sound Sultan, the Jagbajantis crooner, who recently bagged an award for the educational song award category at the Prestige Nigeria Education Awards seems to be dauntless in his quest to impact the younger generation. The singer, song writer, peace ambassador and multiple award winner ; visited Amuwo Odofin Community Senior Secondary School in Festac on Friday July 1st, 2016 with some of his colleagues in the entertainment industry to inspire the students to dream bigger and work smarter as a part of his “Think Outside the Box” initiative. The artistes that came with him were Wale rubber, Princess and DJ Spinall.

The event saw Sound Sultan opening the floor this time not with music but with a message that whet the students’ appetite of what was in the offing. He told the students how thinking outside the box distinguished and helped him continue to remain relevant. He stated that what he studied in school was totally different from what he is doing now and that was because he was able to think outside the box. He further gave examples of success stories of people that achieved the extraordinary by thinking outside the box and showed the students how they can do the same.

Sound sultan school tour- new nigeria times 10DJ spinall, also Known as “THE CAP”,  an engineering graduate with a Masters Degree turned Disc jockey was the next to speak and told a fascinating story of how his nickname as a product of thinking outside the box stood him out among DJ’s. According to him his father would wear a cap whenever he was leaving the house. Everybody associated his father with the cap and he (DJ Spinall) wanted an identity that was unique, that would differentiate him from other DJs asides from his Disc Jockey skills. This   made him adopt his father’s style of wearing the cap and earned him the alias “The Cap”. He pointed that even if he is in the company of a thousand Disc Jockeys, he can easily be singled out because of the cap. He gave the students six steps to thinking outside the box.

Sound sultan school tour- new nigeria times 2aWale Rubber, also a trained engineer turned dancer, told the students how he got into dancing. He attributed dancing to his ever youthful look, asking the students to guess his age as they all failed at an attempt to guess. Used to the gesture of surprise, the dancer revealed he was in his forties. He told of how he realized he could move his body with so much ease and started making a living out of dancing. He said he hated following the status quo  which made him one day wear his jeans the other way round (insideout), he stepped out of his house and as he went along the road people  stopped him to ask if he was alright, he said he would reply in the affirmative but seized the opportunity to give them his business card. He further emphasized on how thinking outstand the box will make them successful in life and separate them from the crowd.

Sound sultan school tour- new nigeria times 16The front-liner comedian, Princess, who was the last to speak set the venue on fire with her hilarious speech- no dull moment. She talked about her childhood and her entry into the comedy industry as an entertainer. She went down memory lane recalling how she used to talk too much as a child, to the extent that at some point her talkative nature became a source of concern to her family and neighbours. She told of how she out-talked a parrot, which was her only companion at that time as she had been banned from having friends, and later fed it pepper to continue her conversation with the bird since. According to her, she loved to dance and would lock herself in the room to dance for hours and the neighbours used to wonder what kind of child she was. She also mentioned how what she wanted to become when she grew up kept changing that her mother had to take her for deliverance. What everyone perceived a weakness is now her source of strength and has made her stand before presidents, she added.  She said to the students “your weakness is your strength.”

DJ SPINALL- new nigeria timesDuring the course of his session, Sound Sultan discovered a student drawing DJ Spinall as a he sat, with details of the designs on his clothes using biro for the drawing. In a bid to encourage him, the boy was given N3000 for the drawing stating that, it was an example of thinking outside the box.

Sound sultan school tour- new nigeria times 4It was not only a talk session as gift items such as T-shirts and Mathematics textbooks were given to the students.  Mr Debo Olowu, the Editor-In-Chief of New Nigeria Times Education (NNTE) Newspaper, gave all the students and guest copies of NNTE.

Sound Sultan told NNTE that the “Think out of the box” Initiative was his way of giving back to the community by impacting the younger generation, showing them how successful people remain relevant by thinking out of the box.  Dj Spinall said he was very impressed and felt honored to be a part of the initiative and encouraged such to continue. For Princess who said she was glad to be there, she told NNTE that it was a two way thing; the students learnt from her and she learnt from them.

The school authorities appreciated Sound Sultan and his team for taking time out of their busy schedule to add value to the next generation while the students also expressed their appreciation.

The event came to an end with selfie and autograph session.

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