Everyone is on one social media platform or another. But the question is , what is happening there and is it changing your life for good ? , if you cant get yourself to answer this questions correctly then I would suggest you took a good look at your activities on the platform and also the people you’re in contact with.

It is a good thing to be part of a large networking system where you get to stay in your house and meet new people , learn new things and even new cultures , It is easy and that is why you have to be careful because some bad people take advantage of this and they use it to attack the innocent ones which will definitely cause harm one way or the other. This article will provide just the right information you need about social media.

Social media is any website or application that enable’s users to create and share content or to participate in school networking. It is a platform that brings people from different background of life together .

how social media makes you feel

There are lots of dangers on social media but here are few ones you should look into and with this , if found in any situation you will be to identify what it is and how it can be solved.

• Lack Of Concentration : As a student , handling too many activities on social media can affect your concentration level in class and even at home when your doing your home work because you would want to attend to everyone texting you , you would want to see who just uploaded a picture and many more , but all this will surly affect your grades and your parents will not be impressed.

• Cyber Bullying : This is one major problem kids are facing all over the world today. Before the internet came along , the act of bullying was done face-to-face but now making friends on the internet is very easy and because it is very easy it makes a lot of people fall victim. Cyber bullying often leads to deep emotional problems and can also lead to suicide. It is very dangerous and not only kids are in harms way but also full grown adults.

• Impersonation : This is also known as identity theft . This is the act of taking another person’s identity which includes name , phone number, address , etc and making it their own. This can be very harmful in the sense that , that person can start posting bad and improper things on your page which may give people a bad view of you and also make you loose nice job oppurtunities. That is why it is advisable for you not to put all your personal details on line this is to help you be on a safe side.


• Depression And Anxiety : Some people start to feel bad when they see people online wearing nice dress, with a very expensive hair, designer bags , perfect body etc and this is because they cannot afford all of these. This is wrong! We can never be equal and even at that let it sink in that the internet is full of fake people leaving fake lives.

anxiety and depression

• Unhealthy Sleep Patterns : Just because you want to see the latest fashion trend and to also keep up with the world , you deprive yourself a good rest which will surly affect your grades and will cause insomnia.

Every good thing has a bad side and if you continue to build a life on social media instead of building it in real life , it will definitely affect you .

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