Smart Kids Board game: This will help to tackle sexual abuse in children

Sexual abuse is all around us. From adult, teenagers down to children anyone can be a victim. While it is easy for adults and some teenagers to face and confront their abusers, children are often helpless. With the increase in the number of pedophiles, there is urgent need to equip our children against sexual abuse. One effective way to do that is through Smart Kids Board Game.

The Smart Kids Board Game which was created by Mark Ahamefula would tackle sexual abuse and ignorance about sexual education in children

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Why Smart Kids Board Game

Speaking on the relevance of the board game, mark said:

“Growing up in a block of sixteen flats left a lot of memories in my mind. I remember that when we had no money for a gym, we made one behind our block with cement and metal bars. When we had no money to buy Christmas chicken, we built cages for birds behind the block with ‘planks’ we found around the environment. When we couldn’t pay to play table tennis on the standard board, we built our own boards behind the block.

Thinking and talking about it now just made me realize that our challenges only made us more creative. We always had something to look forward to after school hours – gym, birds, table tennis and much more because of our inventions. Creativity has always been a part of me and my life.

Since then, I’ve been developing ideas and using them to my advantage: I came up with an idea which makes it easy to wear clean clothes while you do very little. I came up with an idea that makes examination time fun time. Now, I’m currently working on developing concepts that will make learning fun and interesting.

I thought sexual abuse was a myth until my wife shared her story with me. My wife’s personal experiences about sexual abuse led me to create a product that can help save and protect children against sexual predators/ abuse – Smart Kids Board Game.

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At age six (6) she had her first sexual abuse experience at a neighbour’s home. Mommy and daddy play became an unforgettable plague in her mind.

Before this time, I didn’t think sexual abuse was an issue because I had no clue about what it was or if it even existed. Imagine, those who had scandal free lives don’t have a clue that sexual abuse is real while lots of people suffer daily in silence.

When I was doing my apprenticeship with Praise Fowowe, the idea of a sex education board game came up but nothing was done about it. Two years after I left the team, my wife brought it up again and this time I developed a concept in ten minutes which looks like what you currently know as SmartKids Board.

It took about a year to test, tweak and rebrand. I got input from my mentors and loads of families who allowed us play with them to test the concept.

A lot of children and families have been suffering for too long; these children and families can finally speak up, thanks to SmartKids Board.

Imagine a child playing SmartKids Board today with a house help that touched him inappropriately yesterday. This is the game changer and the answer to a lot of people’s prayers. Children will be able to defend themselves now more than ever before. “

Mark admonished parents to fight this menace together and save our future from anger and bitterness. He further added that the product now has a patent, trademark and copyright since 2017.

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My name is Henry Ekpe. I am privileged to be associated to Ahamefula Mark Omeka. He is an exception young man who I have known for most of my life. We met when we were in the kindergarten and have been close for the most part of our lives. He is a great writer and one who is quick to come up with mind blowing ideas. I wasn’t surprised when he told me about his invention of a board game that will help empower children.

We are all aware that Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) thrives on secrecy and “Closing our eyes won’t stop it from happening. On the contrary, it will increase its chances of reoccurring” according to Ahamefula Mark.

Sex education is still a “taboo” topic in most homes in 3rd world countries. One big question is how do we make it easy for Parents, Guardians Teachers, Counsellors etcetera, to introduce the topic of sexual education to children?

Ahamefula Mark’s board game on child sexual awareness teaches children practical skills that prepares them for the world. He has been thinking in this direction for a while, which was what led to his creation of SmartKids Board.

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This solution provides families with the Knowledge, Leverage, Structure and Presence needed to raise children to be sexually FREE. It is currently the easiest and most interesting way for parents to educate their children about sex.

How to Play the SmartKids Board

Playing the game is fun and easy. The link below shows exactly how it works.👇

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