See why Ibadan Polytechnic burns students’ phones worth millions

The management of the Ibadan Polytechnic has ordered  mobile phones worth millions confiscated from students during examinations be burnt.

Mobile phones have been used as tool for examination malpractice by students over the years in various examinations.

The school management of the Ibadan Polytechnic decided to take the action to restate its commitment to fighting examination malpractices to the barest level in the institution of learning.

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The Deputy Rector Ibadan Polytechnic , Bayo Oyeleke, addressing told reporters the move was also aimed at ensuring that examination in the school is seen as sacred.

“We are here to take further action on our resolve to ensure that the crop of students and product being produced by the school are students with exemplary character and are those who really work and worth the certificate of the institution.

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“There are rules guiding the principles of our examinations and one of it is that no student under whatever guise should come into the examination hall with cell phones but you know that some students are very recalcitrant

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“We have resolved to confiscate them because it has been expressly stated on their examination paper that any phone found on any students during examination shall be confiscated and in order not to allow any of the phones to filter out, the school has resolved that such phones shall be burnt,” he said.

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