Pen Ark Schools graduates students in grand style

Pen Ark School 2017/2018 graduation ceremony

It was an exciting moment at Pen Ark Group of Schools as they celeberated their 10th and 18th Prize giving and Valedictory service for the secondary and basic respectively

The event commenced with the introduction of guest by the master of ceremonies to the high table  and an opening prayer which was conducted by a parent from the high table.

An enlightening speech was given by the chairman of the occasion who began his speech by stating that the Lord Jesus is the main chairman of the occasion. He spoke on the need for the students to stay focused and “make hay” citing several examples.

In an interview  with the Proprietor of the school Mr Vincent Ifeanyichukwu Paul, he praised the parents for their steadfast support and also gave the reason why Pen Ark is a school that should be chosen.

He said “I have always said that the type of educational work we do here, I am not saying they do not do it in other schools but it is going to be very rare for other schools to do it like Pen Ark because to us, when you bring your children to the school, we don’t just see them as another child that has come to our school we take them as our own as if they are biological children of ours and we try to picture a father doing the best for a child so we try to inculcate the best of education to the pupils. So when you bring your child, be rest assured that you are going to get the best of your expectations. As i said, it is going to be very rare for other schools to do it like Pen Ark.”

Mr Vincent also advised the outgoing students saying,”Well for the SS3 that are going out, we believe we have done our best and we hand them over their parents because we have given them the best basic education, they have a good foundation now to take themselves to the next phase of life.

The school also organised its Miss Pen Ark Pageant which was won by a beautiful young lady Miss Immaculate Herbert after outshining her peers in the different stages of the competition.


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Gracagist spoke with the newly crowned queen who is both beauty and brains, she expressed her boundless joy and shared some of the challenges she experienced while preparing for the competition.

She said,”I faced lots of challenges especially from people who said i wont win but i went through knowing more about myself and my state.”

Pen Ark: Prize Giving

The occasion was filled with other activities including presentations from the Nursery class, sweet melodies from the school choir , an entertaining drama piece among others.

Testimonials were handed out to the graduating students as well as awards to students who were outstanding in their set. The overall best senior student went to Obileku Chisom, overall best science student went to Vincent Aruka, the overall best for junior school went to Izibili Faith  and finally overall best primary student- Rabiu Muhammad Azizat.

The ceremony came to and end with parents and students smiling and thanking God for a successful graduation ceremony as they look forward to the next phase of their lives.

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