Less Marvellous Destiny College is committed to adding value

Less Marvelous Destiny College recently ended her 2013/2014 academic session in euphoria as another set of students in JSS3 and SS3 graduated from the school.

The discussion on the fall in the standard of education in the country however ignited the school’s end of the session/graduation ceremony as the students potently debated who should be blamed for the decadence in the nation’s education system. With cogent reasons, some of the debaters pointed fingers at the government, just as others blamed parents and schools but live the rest for every rational Nigerian to judge.

The proprietress of the school, Mrs Bosede Iyeteku however said the students are sure of success in their future endeavour saying the school has remoulded them in such a way that they will be readily fit into the society and excel.

She said ‘‘at Less Marvellous Destiny College, adding value academically, mentally, morally and every other spheres of life is paramount to us and this is the reason we have been ensuring that parents have value for the money they are paying on their children. Our students are sure of success wherever they find themselves immediately they finished their study at les marvellous college’’.

Aside from rewarding the best graduating student in the art and science class as well as some teachers, the school also rewarded Mr Akinpelu- the first parent to pay school fees as a sign of appreciation and encouragement to other parents.