To be unique or have certain unique qualities means that as a person, you are different and show uncommon traits. Your uniqueness is what makes you stand out of the crowd, it is what sells you and makes you spark. Without your uniqueness , you will be boring and lack any touch of creativity.

A lot of times, we feel like these uniqueness of ours may make us seem odd and so we hide it but here is the good news ; your unique traits are what people are after. Therefore It is time to identify these traits and excel with them!


  • Set up a questionnaire

A questionnaire is a list of questions that are used for research purpose. In this situation when you ask family and close friends what they believe is special about you , it will help streamline your guess and reduce confusion.

  • Take note of the trait(s) that is most outstanding

After collecting the questionnaire, the next step is to take note of the trait or traits that are repeated. These traits can either be positive or negative so they will be moved for further screening.

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  • Point out your likes and passion

We all have our likes and certain activities that we derive great joy in doing. Now the next thing is to notice that these likes and passions will match with the results from the questionnaire.

  • Know your values

Understand what you stand for plays a vital role in how you portray yourself

  • Put your uniqueness to work

Since you have found this, enjoy putting your uniqueness to work and be the best.

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