ICT: The Future of Every Student


The world has moved to a jet age where different forms of technological advancement has taken place bringing us to a global village, to move at its pace, we have to bring the students  to be familiar with these forms of technology which is all found in ICT.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has made it possible to process and manipulate large quantities of information at the same time which will aid the productivity level of every student .ICT is encompassing it involves any form of communication including  radio, television, cellular phones, satellite systems, computer and network hardware or software and so on.

Uses of ICT

With the use of ICT students can be easily brought to full knowledge of their inherent potentials, their strengths, weakness and skill. It can be for educating through the following ways:

The slideshows which presently used by the schools as teaching aid are important for whole lectures with some visuals included. Some of the information or data which are not included in the syllabus or not taught by the teacher, ICT would provide the access of these information or data. Alternatively, the presentation of those information or data could be in the ways of compelling and interesting by using the ICT while teaching.

In addition, the information and knowledge will be travel faster and further through using the ICT which in turn can help the student to be more effective in their learning. This is because the access of information or knowledge is essential to development learning, time will not be wasted while there are on learning process.

For those who have access to computer and internet can open up a wealth of information and learning resources or either by on-line searching or by using CD-ROMs or DVDs for self-paced learning.

Furthermore, the teachers or lectures can make use of the power of ICT to facilitate the uniqueness of substances and skills which related to the given curricular areas. This would help the students to enhance their attainments and capacity of learning.

The impact of ICT on student is to equalize individual differences and has particularly dramatic effects for students with special needs. As a student can work at the pace and intensity suitable to their demands, ICT has an impact on boosting self-pacing with increased abilities to deal with individual learning styles. The make use of ICT has also allow student to produce high quality multimedia products.


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