There are so many ways to show respect but it will be very satisfying if you take your time to learn simply act of respect and practicalise it everyday and by doing this , you will not only gain the respect of your peers but also that of your teachers and i am sure that will make you very happy. Respect is an act that should be shown to everyone because it is reciprocal.

Definition : According to the dictionary , respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their qualities , abilities and achievements.When someone is said to be respectful , he or show must be thoughtful and also polite.

* BE A GOOD LISTENER : When you’re in the midst of your peers try as much as possible to pay quality attention to what they all have to say before you now speak and as you speak also make sure you are polite when asking questions , giving suggestions and even calling names so when next they want to discuss , you will surly be invited and they will also pay attention to you.

* EXHIBIT GOOD CONDUCTS : If you’re known to be very troublesome in school and also you behave badly and use bad language in school , you can never be respected among your peers in school and it will be great if you drop all those negative character and try something new that will make you a better person also , give you the honor you deserve from your peers .


* SHOW GOOD LEADERSHIP SKILLS : A good leader will always be respected as long as he or she does the right thing at all times. This applies to all type of people , when in school make sure you urge your peers to do the appropriate thing before the teacher comes in .

* BE KIND : Showing kindness is one major way to gain the respect of your peers . Your ability to share with others will make them want to emulate this good character you possess and when it becomes noticeable that your positively changing your mates , your teachers will love.

* BE RESPECTFUL : Like i said in the first paragrah in this article , respect is reciprocal . In order for you to be respected , you have to do same others too. At all times try to exhibit fine qualities and good conducts , give respect to whom it’s due . It totally pays to be respectful !

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