Emotions are strong feelings different from reasoning or logic that influence an individual’s perspective. As humans our emotional levels vary from one another. Some have strong emotions while others have quite little emotional ties to fellow humans and situations but no matter our level of emotions, it is important as teachers that we know how to control it before students.

As the saying goes “leave your troubles at the door and walk in with a smile” , as teachers we have to leave whatever strong emotions behind especially negative or bad emotions before coming to teach because our emotional state will not only affect the atmosphere of the class making it dull and moody but will also affect the learning pace of the students.

I will like to call it a “superpower”. Students have the ability to know when something is “off” with there teachers because over time, they have come to understand the energies that vibrate from each teacher. That is why they are closer to some than others, from the friendliest and seemingly unserious to the cranky and grumpy teacher.

Research shows that teachers that are friendly and funny with good control of their emotions ( that doesn’t mean they do not have troubles) tend to have more students doing very well in their courses than those that are cranky and transfer aggression ( that is they carry their troubles everywhere they go) in the same school.

It is commonly seen that when these “cranky” teachers seem to be in a good mood the students are always surprised and will began to formulate several theories on what must have caused the change (yes! They have that kind of time to spare).

All of a sudden, the teacher will not find the students irritating or their assimilation slow because they themselves are releasing very good vibes that is very healthy for themselves and the students.


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