Whether you choose to admit it or not everybody has distractions from your parents to that strict teacher of yours, nobody is above distraction. Know with this realization you may think how can you – a student manage since you are like a “distraction magnet” well here is what will help you.

Distractions are whatever divert our attention from the present area of focus. It is important to know that these distractions are not only negative but also can be positive it all depends on how we manage it and handle it.

They come in several forms and differ from person to person. This means that what might be a distraction to Mr A will be normal to Miss A but no matter what form it takes it can be utilized

  • Identify the distraction

Since distractions differ from person to person, we have to take time and find out what is that thing that easily distracts us when we decide to focus on a particular work. Is it social media? Is it that we cannot help but check out things on our walls? Our internet surfing, whenever we are studying online we must branch out and visit irrelevant sites? Well identifying is the first step.

  • Understand its dynamics

Next understand how your distraction works. Does it pop up when you have paid attention for some time? Is it immediately you start studying that the distraction comes knocking or before you even start? When you have understood it, you move to the next.

  • Identify your strength

No matter how weak or a failure you think you are, here is the good news, you have STRENGHTS. You might not know it now but just search within, use these strengths to discipline yourself . Imagine it like a well, whenever these distractions come up, draw from that strength to keep at away.

  • Reward yourself

This is the good part. When you successfully focus on a job till you are done ensure you give yourself a treat. You will find your mind looking forward to the treat so much that it will focus, trust me it works like magic.

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