Gunmen kidnap over 100 students in Niger State

Gunmen kidnapped over 100 students in an Islamic School, Niger State north-central Nigeria.

The incident was confirmed by the Headmaster of the school on Monday.

Salihu Tanko Islamic School located in Tegina town suffered the attack on Sunday when gunmen forced their way into the school.

The headmaster says about 200 students were inside the school when the gunmen mounted on bikes surfaced during evening time.

But many students escaped through windows before they could gather the rest, the school official adds.

“200 students were inside the school and many escape through windows before the gunmen riding bikes, holding guns gather the remaining.”

“so at first, they kidnap over a 100 students but before they start moving, they decide to free the youngest students, those between 4 to 12 years who regained freedom by that decision.”

The head teacher says before the gunmen entered the school, sporadic shooting were heard all over Tegina town not knowing it will also get to them in the school.

Niger state government says rescue operation on kidnapped students will be carried out and adds that one of the two shot by the gunmen had died.

PMB orders rescue operation

Nigeria President, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari orders security agencies to move fast to rescue the Islamic school students kidnapped in Niger State on Sunday.

President Buhari also ask government agencies to help support the families of the kidnapped children.


This is the second time gunmen will kidnap lots of student from a school in the state after the Kagara students kidnapping.

Niger state also experienced kidnap of over 40 passengers traveling from Kontagora to Minna in January before they were later released.

Kidnapping and other insecurity challenges in northern Nigerian states did not start today.

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