Five things to consider when selecting a secondary school for your ward

Five things to consider when selecting a secondary school for your ward

With schools vacating and your ward aiming another mile in their life, it is very important for you to select a suitable school that fits the personality of your child and that instill the necessary values. It is important to know your ward better than anyone else.  The secondary education is a defining part of a child’s life and this stage needs a lot of guidance.

Here are some things to consider…

  • Environment

The school should be located in an environment that is not only suitable for learning but is also suitable for the Childs in case of any health issue or phobia. Also, the environment should not influence the child wrongly.

  • Proximity

If the school is not a boarding school it should not be too far from home. When a school is too far from home, it exposes the child to some harsh conditions which includes stress. A child that is going through mental stress from school due to academic work should not also experience physical stress also because it will reduce the productivity of the child.

  • Interest

Whatever school you wish to enroll your ward in has to be able to improve the unique interest of your ward. The society has moved to a stage were skill is what sells so, it is important to start sharpening the skills of your wards even from secondary school.

  • Student – Teacher Relationship

There should be a friendly relationship between the students in the school and their teachers this will aid the learning process and make learning fun. The students should be able to confide in their teachers and see them as their guardians away from home.

  • History

As the guardian/parent, you should find out the history of the school. Research on its past academic experience, ask parents what they think about the school, speak to the principal and also take a tour round the school to see first hand.




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