Emotional moment as Outgoing students bid farewell to Les Marvelous Destiny School


It was an emotional moment for the outgoing students of Les- Marvelous Destiny College and their colleagues as they bid their school family farewell at the Graduation and prize giving day held in honor of them and students who have been exemplary in their academics over the course of the session and for the graduants; their entire tenure in the school

The celebration marked the end of the session and the school’s 6th graduation and prize giving day, an occasion done annually. The ceremony was held on July 15th, 2017 at Rasheed  Ayobami Street.

The school principal, Mr. Oyetunji  Kehinde, in his opening remarks highlighted some of the school’s achievements and challenges. He implored parents to pay attention to the moral upbringing and sex education of their children, pleading with them to ensure timely payment of tuition to ensure smooth running of the school.

The event started with an opening prayer, national anthem and school anthem. Notable guests were called to the high table and the graduants were introduced.

Kehinde talked about the school’s future plan which includes the use of projector in classrooms and a functional website to facilitate learning and communication.

The proprietress of the school, Pastor Mrs. Iyeteku, in her speech themed “you are unstoppable” charged the graduants to take bold steps towards achieving their dreams and not to relent or compromise in order to avoid shipwrecking their vision.

 “There is nothing including your foundation that has the capability to stop you except you. When God created us, he equipped us with endowment of creativity and ability to get to the highest peak in life” Iyeteku said.

She went further   describing the types of people on earth, she said, “There are two people on earth, the positive and the negative individuals, the ‘I can’ and the ‘I can’t’, which one do you belong to.”

“As student, do not play with your vision in life, what is your dream desire, aspiration, etc. follow it to a conclusive end. Persist until you achieve it.

“Do not relegate yourself to a second class citizen or give room to mediocrity but rather know the God you serve and take the bull by the horn for a successful life and career,” she said, addressing the students.

The event turned out wonderful as the MDS dancers thrilled the guests with their dancing steps, other students came out for their performances which include French dance, combine cultural dance, news casting and so on in order to add more life to the event.

The outgoing and incoming senior prefects each gave their speeches, the incoming prefect,  Udoh Blessing talked about the attributes and achievements of MDS. She also gave an advice to the outgoing students, she said “Now to the outgoing students, words can’t describe how much will miss you. Even as you are graduating out of this school, do not forget the teachings and morals imbibed by these great teachers into your lives. Always remember to work hard as you have worked hard to say goodbye to secondary school.

“In one of our proprietress speech, she says “Run with your vision,” in another she says “Do it right.” The sky is not your limit but a stepping stone to your career in life. Always remain hungry to achieve your dreams and do not relent in your studies, work hard and put God first in everything you are doing in order to achieve your dreams.”

With mixed emotions, saying goodbye to MDS, the outgoing prefect, Ayanwunmi Blessing gave her speech, she said, “Today I’m faced with the hard task of delivering the most difficult speech I may ever have to make. What makes it difficult is not because have got nothing to say but the fact that I have to say goodbye to the place and the people that have become my second home and family for the last six years, to the people who molded me into who I am today.”

Ayanwunmi thanked the proprietress, principal, teachers and staffs, students, parents and her classmates for their unending love, support and for inculcating good attributes and morals.

The event climaxed with the presentation of gifts and awards to students for their hard work and intelligence and the graduants received their certificate making the event to end on a happy note.

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