Corps member dies after applying sniper on hair to kill lice


A corps member, Ayomikun Juliana who was serving in Osogbo, Osun state has reportedly passed on on after applying SNIPER, a popular insecticide, to her hair.

According to multiple reports, Juliana who was a graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education, discovered that she had lice in her hair after she went to a salon.

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So, in order to send the insects to the grave and put an end to the insects trouble, She decided to use a very strong insecticide called Sniper in her hair, but it back fired.

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It was said that after she applied the sniper, she covered her hair with a cap and slept off. However, Juliana did not wake up from her slumber as she was rushed to the hospital the following morning, but it was too late. She had gone to the world beyond, an early grave. So sad!!!

Many individuals toy with death and they are not aware of it. This incident is another reported case of death resulting from applying sniper on the hair. Just recently, a young boy passed on after his mother applied sniper to his dreadlocks to kill the lice in his hair. The doctor who shared the story on social media revealed that Sniper is a very strong substance that penetrates the skin and can lead to death.

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