Clervaux School is a good investment for any parent – Okwume

Celebrating small milestones in anticipation of bigger ones is the trend amongst parents as graduation from kindergarten, Nursery and elementary/primary school is as important as Secondary and Tertiary Institution.

Little wonder the turnout of parents at the graduation ceremony of Clervaux Montessori School in honor of their emerging mega stars as they are called. The event kicked off with some of the graduands from primary 5 taking bible readings, prayers and exhortation were made by the invited minister, after which the students sang the new school anthem and pledge for the first time to the audience.

Miss Akwabata a board member of the school gave a vote of approval to the new school anthem and pledge, she said she was hearing it for the first time and liked it. The head of school, Mrs. Egbuogu gave the opening speech highlighting the achievements of the school, in terms of training of the staff and in extracurricular activities where the school participated in.

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The pupils had dazzling performances which include, ballet dance, drama, playing instruments, and an electric choreography spiced with stunts that wowed the crowd. The little graduands also had their day on stage reciting numbers in the local dialect. The outgoing head girl gave her speech appreciating the school management for instilling good values and morals in them.

The school launched her magazine with the chief launcher who doubled as the chairman of the occasion taking charge and also encouraging other guests to follow suit.

Mr. Chukwudi Okwume , the proprietor told NNT that his passion for education, not money  led to establishment of Clervaux school. “Good education costs money, money is not easy to come by but if you have a good investment you are putting it to, you will not be afraid to take that risk.

Clervaux School is a good investment for any parent because we have the interest of the kids at heart. we are not running Clervaux school because of money but so that we can actually come within the middle class area to harness and assist this class of people giving them good quality education the same they feel they can get in places that they feel is high to our parents, we are asking them to have faith in Clervaux school and know that Clervaux school will not lead them astray. We are going to mold them to be stars. May God be with them and open doors for them.

He said “Education is the way children imbibe into the culture and moral system of any society. Most public schools and privately owned schools are not doing well that was why I decided to do things the proper way and give the children what they actually deserve. From these we kept improving on our model of teaching and ways of doing things in the school especially in the areas of Montessori.”

Okwume stating the reason the school chose to run full Montessori curriculum said it is because it covered learning using the sensory part of the body not just the orthodox ways of mentioning things. “Children get to see the things physically, feel them, taste them and this creates an everlasting imprint in their brain” he said.

Speaking on the challenges of running the school Okwume said “I have not gotten to that stage of wanting to turn back and but I have definitely had challenges that got me thinking”. He added that the government was not helping matters in terms of multiple taxation , various levies they had to pay as a school to the government and heavy fines levied for defaulting in meeting deadlines of filing tax returns. Also the economic situation is not conducive as the school provides its own water, power supply and security.

Over the high increment on the prices of fuel, Okwume said the school had put in measures to help parents who use school bus services to adjust to the situation “we know the implication of these economic changes on our parents that is why we still run our School bus service at the same rate before the fuel hike. Most schools have increased their rates; we thought we should give parents time to adjust, from next session we will know what to do” He said”

He however expressed his mixed feelings about the graduands leaving the school he said “I feel elated at the same time remorseful because I know I’ll be missing them. I have a lot of bright pupils among them and they have been making Clervaux school proud, but we know we still have the younger ones that are coming up we will bring up the younger ones to still be what they are.

In all these things I give glory to God we are sending out shinning stars. We emote stars for the future, so every child that comes into our school knows that he’s going to be a star someday; not just a star an outstanding star for that matter’.

Okwume thanked his staff especially the head of school for their hard work. He admonished them to remain steadfast good. He expressed faith in his staff to deliver a good work for him and move Clervaux School to higher grounds. He shared his plans for the school come next session “we have a lot in store for next session, we intend to go on an excursion. we are hoping to get more students and move to a bigger facility, because here is getting a little choked up, but if not we intend to design the area we are in now to better accomodate the pupils and create more play area for the kids. Also over the holiday we are going to be training our teachers to equip them with new skill and technology for teaching the children especially in ICT.”

Parents had glowing comments to say about the school; Mrs Chinenye O. told NNt the school was so good, if they had more classes in terms of primary, secondary school her son would attend Clervaux schools all through. Mrs Evelyn said her son has changed a lot academically, physically and morally since attending Clervaux School. Mr Stephen said the result has been impressive considering the fact that his son moved from another school.


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