It was another exciting day at clervaux schools prize giving and graduation ceremony which took place at Dini event place, Lagos on July 13, 2018. The event commenced  with the opening prayer which was given Guest were welcomed and other important dignitries were ushered to the high table.

During the event , the pupils of clervaux school showed high level of intelligence as they performed on stage the drama, orchestra performance even French presentation. The red carpet session was hosted by Prudence Alfred and she got to ask the proprietor ,Mr Okwume Chukwudi and the head of school, Mrs Egbgu N.C some important questions.

The proprietor ,Mr Okwume Chukwudi during his red carpet interview

    During the red carpet interview, the proprietor ,Mr Okwume Chukwudi said. ” this is our 6th year, it shows we are good at what we do and its all by the grace of God. We have been molding children into becoming better people in the society.” When asked of his advise to parent, Chukwudi said, ” train your kids in the right way, give them good education. Let them be in good schools, what matters is not the size of the school or structure, what matters is the quality of the teachers and knowledge that are being transferred to the children because children learn by what they see and what they hear, so if the teachers are not doing very well the children will not be doing very well.”

The head of school ,Mrs Egbogu N.C on the red carpet

Speaking to the red carpet host, the head of school ,Mrs Egbogu N.C advised parents to educate their children stating that education is the best gift any parent could offer. The event came to a close with presentation of gifts and awards to the best students of each class and the vote of thanks followed and also the closing prayer was offered.

Here are some of the pictures from the graduation:

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