Child dies after mom puts sniper in his hair to kill lice

The number of death cases resulting from the use of sniper is on the rise. Some used the insecticide deliberately to commit suicide while others died from accidental misuse of the insecticide.

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A social media user identified as Dr Nonso on Twitter has recounted how a young child died due to carelessness with a strong insecticide. According to him, a mother had applied the insecticide on her son’s dreads to kill his hair lice but this led to his death instead.

He further explained that some insecticides penetrate through the skin and are highly dangerous.

See his tweet below:

I just heard the shocking story of mother who put sniper on her child’s Dada and covered it with a nylon bag
She wanted to kill the lice in his hair

The child died

Sniper belongs to a group known as organophosphates and can also be absorbed through the skin

Be guided— Dr Nonso (Aproko Doctor™) (@aproko_doctor) July 3, 2019


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