BlossomHill Schools: Counselor links social media influence and ‘baby mama’ syndrome to rise in Teenage Pregnancy


A counselor at BlossomHill schools has linked social media influence and baby mama syndrome to the rise in teenage pregnancy.

The School Counselor, Mrs. Folashade Olasunkami, told the students in a joint session how social media have been used as tool to increase the scourge of teenage pregnancy.

The students at BlossomHill were shown an Mtv Base video clip titled ‘Shuga’; the video highlighted the causes and ordeals of teenage pregnancy.

On the premise of the video clip, Olasunkanmi taught the students the causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy.  

According to her, social media influence and ‘baby mama syndrome’ celebrated on social media are some of the causes of teenage pregnancy in this age.

She purported that the likes of celebrities and internet fraudsters flaunting their material wealth and baby mamas on social media has lured many young girls into getting pregnant seeing it as the norm.

consequent upon this, there has been a rise in pregnancy among girls of teenage age.

“Similarly, peer pressure and drug addiction are other causes of teenage pregnancy” said Olasunkanmi.

“In other words young people engage in sexual intercourse just to feel that they belong.”

While the rise in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction among young people of teenage age such as codeine, tramadol just to get high has resulted in teenage pregnancy.

“Malnutrition, cervical cancer, parents kicking you out of the house and discontinuation of education, are some of the consequences of teenage pregnancy.”

In addition olasukanmi told the students that pregnancy takes its toll on both the physical health and psychological health on the mother and child.

 She emphasized that girls are the ones who bear most of the consequences of teenage pregnancy hence the need for girls to be more cautious.

 She told the students that the best form of preventing teenage pregnancy was abstinence and having a healthy self Esteem.

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Another a major challenge discussed was the study habits of students which have dwindled.

Olasukanmi talked about the effects of quick memorizing popularly known as cramming among the students. She said cramming makes students forget whatever they had read, when there is a little distraction before or during an examination.

She gave them ten study tips to help them succeed in their academics which include;

“Review the syllabus, paying attention in class, avoid distraction, make study a part of your habit and study in a clean quiet and orderly room.

 “Read under bright light, as dim light could cause eye discomfort and problems to the sight” she added.

“Study one subject at a time and start studying at least 2weeks before an examination.”

“Teach someone else as it helps to better remember the subject or topic.” Olasukanmi summed it up

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 Fielding questions from the students, Olasunkanmi ended her session telling the students to stay focused and with a final charge she asked the students to chant “I’m gonna take all my sadness, frustration, anger and energy and channel it into becoming the best possible student”

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