BlossomHill celebrates Diversity day on Valentines day


It was February 14, a day earmarked for the celebration of love and lovers. It was no different for staff and students of BlossomHill schools, Ogba, as they took the celebration a notch higher with the tag “Diversity Day”.

The proprietress and anchor of operations at BlossomHill schools, Mrs Laura Ashiedu described the day as an open-ended day given by the Ministry of Education.

Proprietress BlossomHill schools- Mrs Laura Ashiedu

“To us, February 14, is a time to share, a time to love and a time to

“What we’ve put in place here at BlossomHill school for our diversity
day, is a sharing of gifts among students from one to the other”

“There is also a collation of items that could be given out to the
less-privileged, so that both staff and students can give items that are
still in good condition to people who need them.”

“Diversity day is a day for us to generally show care and concern and
make the world a better place Ashiedu added.” 

“These items will later be distributed to people who need them such as orphanages Ashiedu said”

The day wasn’t only about giving but also a movie date for the students to
enjoy the celebration.

What is a movie date without popcorn and drinks? The students had their day planned to the last detail.

With all sorts of refreshment and their friends to share the moment, it was
a valentine’s day to treasure.

Two of the students shared their thoughts on what Valentine’s Day meant to

Halima said Valentine’s Day is a day of showing love to one another.

While, Titomi another student of BlossomHill School said she sees Valentine’s
Day as a day to care for your loved ones and celebrate happiness.

The day climaxed with a photograph session for the pupils in primary and the secondary school students of BlossomHill schools.


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