Forceess is defined as the ability to express yourself in an open, composed, and direct manner. It is a healthy way of communicating. It is the ability to speak up for ourselves honestly and respectfully.


Communication differs in humans, some communicate in a too passive way, other people communicate in a too aggressive way. When you choose to be assertive, you operate from a position of equality and respect. You respect your rights, values, and beliefs while respecting the rights, values, and beliefs of others.

Types of assertiveness

Passive assertion

The passive assertion is the way of communication that you don’t express your thought or what you desire. It allows others to decide on your behalf. They avoid eye contact, they speak softly without emphasis.

passive assertion

Their voice and word don’t match the word message.
E.g Go ahead, my contribution to the conversation isn’t meaningful anyway
What you’ve said is right, I shouldn’t feel like that, I’m a horrible person

Aggressive Assertion

The aggressive assertion is the way of stating opinion by settling others down in conversation, they strike others with the word in their favor. They stare at others. Their expressions are intimidating. They do not give others space to talk and they overly talk. Aggression comes from a place of insecurity when you feel your best is in jeopardy.

Aggressive assertion

They are easily angered, they often struggle to take responsibility for their actions. They don’t show appreciation
E.g Everyone has to agree with me
This is all your fault


It is a healthy way of communication, whereby they express their mind in an open, calm, and direct manner. They maintain good eye contact. They have genuine expressions. They allow other people’s opinions, beliefs, points of view before speaking. They speak openly.
E.g I feel frustrated when you’re late for meetings
Would you mind doing the dishes? We can switch chores if that will be a problem for you


Importance of assertiveness

Assertiveness is based on mutual respect. It shows that you are conscious of others rights and working on resolving discords

Assertiveness improves self-esteem
It gives you a better view of yourself. The way you esteem yourself affects the way you esteem the world. You do not esteem yourself as preferred to others (aggressive) but you do not also esteem others as preferred to you.

Assertiveness boost career expectation
Most times, people who act assertively are seen to be favored by employers. Assertive way of communication strikes the perfect balance between strong-mindedness and empathy towards others. This builds a great level of confidence

It helps to be a great influencer
When you make others feel loved and valued, influencing them will not be difficult. They will always want your view of point about matters
It helps to overcome negative thoughts

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