American varsity donates the sum of N90m to enhance e-learning.


American varsity donates the sum of N90m to enhance e-learning.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) University, Louisiana, United states has concluded plans to donate ICT equipment worth $250,000 to Kaduna State University (KASU).

The intervention is to promote academic excellence among lecturers and students through e-learning and e-library as obtainable in other climes.

Addressing reporters shortly after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Prof Victor Mbarika, KASU President, Board of Trustees, ICT University, said the choice of the institution was based on its level of commitment to research, science and technology.

“We are here to sign a memorandum of agreement between ICT University, USA, and Kaduna State University to provide e-learning and e-library services to this great institution that already has a reputation in higher education space in Nigeria and Africa. KASU has a good reputation in terms of research, science and technology. We are not starting anything new that they have not already laid the foundation for. So, it is an outstanding institution and we are always interested in equipping serious institutions.

“The average cost of e-learning and e-library centre is about $250,000 and so we are excited that many of our funding organisations in the United States and other countries around the world are joining to make this happen.

“The beauty of the intervention is that the students will have maximum access to their courses online and we are not just talking about their assignments, we are talking about real time teaching online. Their assignments can be downloaded; they can have discussion groups and interact with one another. It is a great interactive system that we are providing here. They will be able to download books on their phones, iPads, and laptops thereby making learning easier.

“We have built our system so they can run in low bandwidth areas where internet facility is not stable or as fast as other countries where Nigeria fits well. Besides, Most African students cannot afford textbooks if they are to buy five in a semester. So, they will be getting free download in PDF format and can use anywhere”, he added.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Muhammed Tanko expressed optimism that the collaboration would add value to the institution especially now that the state government is doing everything possible to revamp the education sector.

“The signing is about empowering the university in terms of infrastructural development so once we start and feel we are okay, we will complete the exercise”, the VC stated.

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